10 Week Workout – Week 1 Recap

So this week was a bit of a false start on my epic woman-with-a-plan 10 week workout. This was my first full week of summer semester classes and much like the workout it’s only a 10 week semester so there’s an equal amount of work shoved in to two less weeks. No excuses, I just underestimated the amount of time I would be spending on my studies.

However, I did get a couple of workouts in this week and despite the huge number of reps, I did not struggle as much as I expected to. I decided for at least the first few weeks to break the total number of reps into two sets if I was working with numbers over 20 just to make it a little easier and make it into a HIIT type of workout since it allows me to keep moving. I hope by the end of 10 weeks that I’ll be able to do both the pushups and russian twists without having to modify.

So I’m going to go into this week with more realistic expectations, and try to get at minimum 5 out of 7 days worth of workout under my belt this week. I recruited a friend from work to do it with me, so hopefully that will help this week be a more successful start than last week was for me.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and an even better week!


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