All About the Little Spoon

Welcome to The Little Spoon Blog!


That’s me! My name is Alexis R. and I always like to describe myself as a happily married 20-something living in the mountains of Virginia. I have 3 very spirited cats and a bunny who runs the house, and I wouldn’t trade where I’m living for anything.

The above picture is of me hiking in Bhutan during a study abroad trip and shows me at my highest weight, clocking in around 240 lbs. I realized not only how big I was getting, but more importantly how unhealthy I was. I’m trying to follow a Paleo lifestyle in both my eating and workout routines. I’ve discovered a love for lifting weights and try to walk every day. I’m going to try to update at least twice a week, and if you ever have questions or concerns, always feel free to get in touch.


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