Some of my Favorite Podcasts

Happy Thursday everyone! I wanted to share some of my favorite health & fitness podcasts. I do a lot of driving with a 40 minute commute each way, and try to do some walking every day, and while I love music, I love learning even more. Here are the podcasts I plug into the most often…


The Jillian Michaels Podcast

Jillian is like my fitness psychiatrist, I don’t agree with everything she says, but she’s got the why behind weight gain and obesity down to a science. I can’t agree that weight loss is simple math and if you take in fewer calories than you burn that you’ll get the body you want. However, I love the banter between her and her producer and she gives some advice that blow my mind sometimes. If you need some real talk in your life, or are looking for something to inspire you to start your journey or take the next step, give Jillian a listen.


The Everyday Paleo Podcast

 I’ve been eating paleo for almost a year now, and Jason and Sarah have really helped me to shape my plan. They break it down in a way you can understand, and never get too technical, and always sound like they’re having a good time. Thanks to these guys I’ve started eating more protein and fat throughout the day, and have started to ween myself off my morning smoothies. These are the guys to ask if you have questions about making it over the cravings hump or burning fat. I have Jason’s newest book “The Paleo Coach” and I can’t wait to dig in and help dial my eating in.


The Paleo Solution Podcast

Robb Wolf hosts The Paleo Solution, and if you’re interested in the biochemistry of what you eat, this is a great podcast. I have an educational background in the sciences, but I think even those with a very basic understanding of how the body works could follow most of the episodes. Most of their training tips are more male-centric, but if I ever had a question about what I needed to do to dial in a specific effect (reduce psoriasis flare ups, set a new PR, or paleo pregnancy questions) I would ask these guys.

Those are my top three, what are you guys listening to on the road or treadmill? I always love new recommendations.