The Infographic That Started It All

The Infographic That Started It All

I had heard of the paleo diet, and I knew that my body didn’t really work optimally running on sugar and wheat, but I kept telling myself that I would never be able to give up pasta, muffins, and bagels. Then I saw this infographic on Pinterest, and for some reason it all just clicked into place for me. Do you remember your AH-HA! moment that started you on your path to health?


Diving Into a New Challenge

Diving Into a New Challenge

Today I officially weighted in for the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge! If you haven’t checked out go there now, this site is run by a group of ladies with a passion for sharing their experience openly and honestly and unlike me they have a lot of great insight for those of you who want to get in to running.

I’m hoping to drop at least 10 lbs in this 6 week challenge, and I know if I set my mind and my diet to it, then that’s no problem at all. No extreme diets, no blowing out my adrenals with a crazy workout routine, just a lot of high quality food, walking, and strength training.

If you’d like to join click through the picture at the top of the page and celebrate the end of summer by perfecting your healthy glow!
The person with the highest percentage of weight lost (with photographic evidence) will even win a $100 Amazon gift card. Just think of all the workout gear that could buy!